Mission Statement

The Foundation's mission is to honor the essence of who John was and carry on his inspiring work - not only to see the Community Center project grow to fruition, but to continue the selfless spirit of Johnny Mac by supporting other organizations dear to his heart- groups dedicated to the support of Firefighters and First Responders.

After John died, hidden in his hospital bag, Jennifer found a list of things John wanted her to do if he did not survive. One of those things was to have a community center built in Blue Point, New York where John, Jenn and Jack lived. Jennifer formed the FDNY Firefighter John F. McNamara Foundation, also known as The Johnny Mac Foundation, to fulfill that wish. The Foundation is now tirelessly working to build the community center that John envisioned which will stand as a cornerstone of the community, family, and camaraderie just as John had.

John Johnny Mac WIshes
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